Topics of CSA&TISC

The main topics of CSA&TISC 2016 as follows, and some topics may be adjusted.

Embolic strokes of undetermined source(ESUS


New stroke risk factors: monitor and management

Severe cerebral vascular disease

Atherosclerotic plaque imaging: from vessel lumen to vessel wall 

Vascular and brain imaging: stroke diagnosis and evaluation

Secondary prevention of ischemic stroke

Neurovascular ultrasound 

Establishment and certification of Primary stroke center 

Outcomes, quality and Stroke care research 

Cerebrovascular diseases guidelines and standardization

Reperfusion therapy of acute ischemic stroke

Stroke rehabilitation

Endovascular treatment of cerebral vascular disease 

Surgical therapy for cerebrovascular diseases

Chinese traditional medicine 

Intracerebral hemorrhage

Neurocritical management

Cardiogenic stroke

TIA/Minor stroke

Vertigo forum 

Small vessel disease

Vascular cognitive impairment

Young investigator session and etc.