Dear Colleagues,
    It is a great pleasure to extend to you a cordial invitation to attend 2018  ANNUAL SCIENTIFIC SESSION OF CHINESE STROKE ASSOCIATION(CSA) and
International Stroke Conference (TISC) which will be held in Beijing on June 29-July 1, 2018
    CSA&TISC is one of the biggest international conference in China which provides a communication platform for Chinese and international physicians, scholars and experts to share with the latest basic and clinical development of stroke prevention and treatment, their precious thoughts and experience, clinical controversial issues and etc.
    Topics in CSA&TISC2018 will cover multi-disciplinary contents, such as Neurology, Neurosurgery, Endovascular therapy of cerebrovascular disease, Neuroimaging, NICU and Emergency Science, basic and clinical research, involving many fields such as diagnosis, treatment, risk and prognosis assessment, rehabilitation, medical care quality, guidelines and standardization and etc. With the enormous support and efforts made by the Chinese and overseas scholars, the contents of CSA&TISC are improving year by year and CSA&TISC is becoming more and more influential worldwide, and it also has significantly promoted development of Neuroscience in China.
    The program of CSA&TISC2018 will include: State of the art lectures, Breakfast Workshops, Teaching Sessions and Debates and etc. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all speakers and participants, and all who have worked hard to organize this program.
    We hope you will enjoy the meeting and your stay in Beijing!



Chairmen of CSA&TISC 2018: Yongjun Wang, Zhongrong Miao